Account Management

The Agency Selection Process

Natashia Issa

15 Dec 2020

Not only can choosing the right agency be a frustrating and lengthy process, but it can also leave you working with an agency that is not a right fit for your business. You need to plan for your business needs not only now, but also for the years to come. This way you can ensure your agency has the capabilities and resources to deliver against your business objectives. The pitch process is a great way for agencies to present what they have to offer, however when it comes to the final choice, it is important to ensure that your criteria covers all grounds.

Variety of Services
A great way to ensure that your business will not have to continuously review agencies is to consider planning not only for the current needs of your organisation, but also anticipate future requirements of your business. This is especially important when it comes to a start-ups, as demands change rapidly across the first few years. This is where it is beneficial to engage with an agency that has a variety of products and services on offer, so adapting to ever changing business needs is a simple exercise.

Agnostic Offering
Agencies may push products or services that are not necessarily best for your business, but rather what is more profitable for the agency. Ask the agency what is their approach to recommendations so you can be confident you are engaging with an agency that is completely agnostic, and recommendations are only based on what is right for your business.

Senior Leadership Team
People are the most important asset at any agency, so when it comes to trusting your business with a third party, make sure you are working with the right people in the right positions. A senior leadership team is an absolute must, however be sure to look out for leaders that are too far removed from the day to day and are unable to jump on the tools themselves and deliver campaigns/services for your business. This can lead to poor business decisions by the agency which may have a ripple effect on your organisation.

Solid Account Management Team
Finally, most agencies assign an account manager to orchestrate all of the deliverables for your business. This makes the process a lot simpler for your business, however account management can make or break the relationship. Make sure you get to know your account manager and how they like to work with businesses so you can gauge if the chemistry is where it needs to be.

By Natashia Issa, Group Account Director at GrowthOps

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