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Partner Spotlight: Cashrewards

GrowthOps Digital

29 Apr 2022

In our latest series Partner Spotlight, the GrowthOps Digital Partnerships and Affiliate team will sit down with industry partners to dissect the latest in all things partnership marketing. This month, we sat down with Jodie Hoad, Client Services Team lead at Cashrewards.

Cashrewards is a unique business that connects and delivers significant value for both brands and customers, and via its long-standing relationship with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, puts charitable giving at the heart of every transaction. We exist to make every day more rewarding.

Welcome to GrowthOps Digital Partner Spotlight: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Cashrewards.
Starting as a marketing professional, I worked Agency-side for five years managing global FMCG & Retail accounts. I joined Cashrewards in April 2021 as a client services team lead and have been working in the affiliate and eCommerce industry in Australia for over five years. I currently manage a team of three account managers and oversee a portfolio of over 800+ leading retail brands.

In a nutshell, How would you describe Cashrewards?
Australian-owned and operated Cashrewards is the leading Australian cashback ecosystem, founded in 2014. It enables members to receive cashback on transactions when purchasing online or in-store at over 1,800 retailers. Our unique ecosystem unites 1.3 million Australian members and more than 1,800 of the world’s most sought-after retailers, turning wasted advertising spend into compelling discounts and cashback. At the forefront of everything we do, we exist to make every day more rewarding by delivering significant value for both our brands and customers, as well as pledging 1% of cashback rewards to Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Since the launch of Cashrewards in 2014, we have driven $2.7 billion in transactions for our brands, translating into more than $120 million of cashback for members. Additionally, we’ve donated more than $1,000,000 to the Starlight Children’s Foundation, helping more than 26,000 sick children and their families.

Cashrewards offer four core products:

1. Cashrewards App & Cashrewards Website – Shoppers can browse, search and click through the Cashrewards app and website to brand partners’ websites where they can make their purchases and earn cashback. Both products support in-store solutions too.

2. Cashrewards Assistant – Shoppers using internet search engines are alerted to a Cashrewards offer through the Cashrewards browser extension, enhancing the customer experience. This can really help search placement for brands and ensures brands stand out on search engine results pages for Cashrewards customers, as a result, it drives a higher conversion for brands.

3. Card-linked Offers – Shoppers can link their Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS cards to Cashrewards and earn cashback by making purchases in-store on their linked card with participating in-store brand partners.

4. Cashrewards Max – We’ve launched Cashrewards Max, a premium version of the Cashrewards experience, exclusively available for eligible ANZ debit and credit cardholders. The partnership between Cashrewards and ANZ enables eligible ANZ cardholders with bigger cashback and faster approvals. Max members will also have access to all the benefits of the standard Cashrewards experience, such as the freedom to use their cashback however they wish. In addition, Cashrewards Max brands enjoy additional priority advertising placements, offers, exposure to ~4.7 million ANZ customers and increased basket size

Where do you think the affiliate landscape is heading in the next 12 months?
Personalisation – Brands want to target specific customers and tailor their messaging. Brands want to deliver a uniquely personal experience based on previous actions/data of the customer, for example, their individualised purchase history, demographics and browsing behaviour.

Localisation – We see how important it is to localise international company messages in the Australian market by small or drastic modifications in strategy, tone and imagery. We help guide how companies adapt their global messages to the Australian market.

Content led shopping journeys – We’ll see more content pieces opening the discovery funnel along with strategic plans that focus on creating and publishing engaging and relevant content to attract and guide shoppers on their researching, impulse or ready-to-purchase journey.

Greater shift to mobile-first – A great mobile experience via mobile apps and website user interfaces (UI) that are made responsive to mobile format from a planning phase is a priority for us and our brand partners.

What trends are you seeing working with advertisers?
– Flash sales such as high-boosted cashbacks. These help manage stock levels or specific products, drive trade and create a sense of urgency for customers to shop.

– Cashrewards Max, our premium offering. Brands are joining Cashrewards Max, which is proving to assist in driving significantly more new customer acquisitions to their business.

– Tactical campaigns that are highly targeted and KPI driven. These campaigns help drive key business objectives such as AOV, purchase frequency and new customer acquisition.

How do you help advertisers add value?
We work closely with our brands and clients to understand their business objectives and tailor bespoke solutions. This enables them to efficiently use media spend and turn this into unrivalled returns. As a result, we provide brands with the opportunity to reach millions of savvy shoppers. With the market-leading highest conversion rate, we know how to get consumers to shop.

What role has GrowthOps Digital played in achieving your goals?
GrowthOps Digital has been a solid partner since our launch in 2014, providing access to partnerships with some of Australia’s largest retailers. The GrowthOps Digital account management team is extremely dedicated, easy to work with and offers incredible support.


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