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Five Google Ads Tips For Christmas 2021

Josh Heine

4 Nov 2021

The holiday shopping season will again look different to previous years, with early bird shopping to continue and advertising to be prominent across the board. The online market is starting to become saturated with promotions, as worldwide digital ad spending is predicted to reach over $375 billion by end of year 2021. Standing out from the crowd at Christmas has never been more important, so you better start planning now before it’s too late.

So, let’s explore how you can make your Google Ads stand out from competitors.

Get your Google search account in holiday mode

Google Search is the top source of information for consumers doing their holiday shopping, followed by store visits. Three tips that can be leveraged this festive season:

  • Create a sense of urgency with Countdown Ads

When holidays are coming up or are here, the clock on ads can start ticking down with countdown ads. This allows you to push for a product sale or promotion even harder by advertising the expiry date on search. 

  • Use ad extensions on Search

Expect to see a huge uplift in Click Through Rate (CTR) just by enabling relevant ad extensions such as promotion and price extension, call out extensions, structure snippet, sitelink extensions and more. And have we mentioned that ad extensions are free to use? 

  • Create bespoke holiday ad messages 

Christmas is arguably everyone’s favourite season. So, updating your ads to a holiday version will be highly appreciated by many Google shoppers. You may gain a few more clicks from happy shoppers as a result of that! 

Don’t forget retargeting in search

During the holiday season, online traffic for shopping is expected to increase drastically. Therefore, managing your campaign budget wisely is key to success.

It is expected that up to 70% of shoppers will engage with a brand they have purchased from or engaged from before this silly season. By separating out your target audience into different categories, the data and insights that you will be able to gain can be of significant importance, as you will be able to know more about who is searching your brand and purchasing.

You can start by splitting your brand keywords on search to target new prospecting audiences, versus those who have previously engaged and purchased. 

Once complete, enjoy the fruit of all your hard work this Christmas and be sure to leverage the high shopping season in a manner that is right for your business and the customer.

Go beyond search with Google Discovery 

Discovery ads are native ads appearing in the Google Discover feed, Google Display Network on the mobile YouTube feed and in Gmail.  

49% of shoppers surveyed said they use Google to discover or find a new item or product, this can be a perfect opportunity to test during the holiday season paid advertising activity towards a new group audience. 

Hot tip: The only way to reach out to Google’s life event audience segments such as about to graduate, getting married, retiring, purchasing a home etc, is through Discovery. By tapping into this uncharted territory, you may immediately gain a massive competitive advantage for your business!

Drive more results via YouTube Video Action

Video action campaigns on YouTube are a simple yet effective way to drive more conversions for any businesses, as relevant YouTube ads can get up to 3X the brand awareness when compared to the average video ad (source: Google, Global, 2017). 

Action campaigns can also be used in remarketing to help closing warm leads to conversions. It is highly recommended that your retargeting list and customer email list are set up properly on Google Ads, in order to capture the higher intent prospects on YouTube.

Invest in Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads can help improve brand awareness and website traffic volume especially when the Shopping campaign coincides with Google search campaigns.

Google shopping is a highly competitive space. According to research by Merkle, shopping ad spend has increased by 38% when compared to last year.

However, being in a highly competitive environment does not mean that you can’t win in shopping. 

When setting up a Google shopping feed, include important keywords in your product title and descriptions to ensure that your shopping ads are highly relevant to potential customers. Highly relevant ads will help you to reach as many relevant users on Google as possible, which is translated into a positive impact on the account’s overall conversion volume.

By Josh Heine, Paid Media Consultant at GrowthOps Digital

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