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Marketing During Lockdown: Tips & Tricks As It Carries On

GrowthOps Digital

6 Sep 2021

As extended lockdowns continue to take centre stage across Australia, businesses are being forced to pivot and pivot again in order to keep things ticking over. Now, we as marketers here at GrowthOps Digital have become very accustomed to helping our clients tackle marketing challenges in a pandemic-world. So, we’ve compiled five lockdown marketing strategies suitable for any business.

Change ad copy

The key to this and all of our recommendations is to ensure plans are in place should lockdowns occur. Having alternative ad copy written for paid search, email and social media will ensure no time is lost when lockdowns are introduced. It’s a pretty simple equation that looks like this:

No restrictions, business as usual ad copy. With restrictions, revert to COVID ad copy. 

The key here is to try and capitalise on making sales in a lockdown scenario. Focus on a more sales driven approach as opposed to a funnel approach. Include work from home keywords and relevant information. Make ad copy as correlated to lockdown cities as possible, including city names and other information.

Push lockdown friendly products

Now, focusing on a more sales driven approach in how you advertise during lockdown also correlates to the type of products you advertise for during lockdown. For example, Nine West in Melbourne wouldn’t focus on promoting high heels products, but more sneakers and slippers during a lockdown approach. The same thinking can be applied to all industries in ensuring lockdown friendly products are sold at the correct times. 

Run lockdown engagement activities on social media

This is where social and content managers can get creative. As we’ve seen over the many lockdowns in Australia thus far, communities rally together when thrown into one. It’s a perfect chance to roll out different lockdown centric engagements across social channels. Beauty businesses may opt for a ‘work from home glam look’ type of post, whilst clothing companies may opt for something showing off wearing comfortable clothes at home. All in all, something like this will get people in the mood for lockdown and is another option for creating engagement.

Pricing strategies

Don’t go above and beyond, just keep it simple and leverage what you got

Give it a fun spin in terms of what you call that fun strategy.

With the budget allocation, this depends on historical data. It’s worthwhile to look at the historical GA timeline to see if there is a spike every time there is a lockdown. Similarly, using Google Trends to see the historical data for the search term COVID, to match up results. This way you’ll know for sure there is a correlation to an increase in website traffic during lockdown. If this is the case, rolling out more budget during lockdown can support this activity.

And remember… have fun with it and get creative while the lockdowns last!

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