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Partner Spotlight: gocertify

GrowthOps Digital

2 Feb 2022

In our latest series Partner Spotlight, the GrowthOps Digital Partnerships and Affiliate team will sit down with industry partners to dissect the latest in all things partnership marketing. This month, the Partnerships and Affiliates Manager Umair Usama sat down with gocertify Founder, Jonny Matthews. 

Welcome to GrowthOps Digital Partner Spotlight: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your role at gocertify.

Hey! I’m Jonny the Founder of gocertify. I’ve been in the industry for 6 years working in an agency, publisher, running a small affiliate network and now working on growing gocertify and the team. My passion is in user experience design and this led me to launch gocertify, to ensure shoppers could grab their favourite discounts in the most seamless and conversion-focused way possible.

How would you describe gocertify?

Gocertify helps retailers attract, verify and reward strategic customer groups. These groups are based on occupation/age for example; key workers, under 26’s, students and over 60’s. Or actions, for example: shoppers that have completed activities on Strava or followed our brand on social. We can also build custom verification – for whatever group a retailer cares most about.

Here’s how it works:

  • The retailer chooses what groups they’d like to target
  • We then create a brand-styled page that can verify this group
  • The page is promoted with a retailer’s website, social, and any other marketing channel
  • Once shoppers come to the page, they can verify for a reward in seconds!

Our brands run targeted discounts or offers of their choice for the customers they care most about or want to acquire more of. For example, this could be a group of shoppers that has a higher AOV (Over-50s), a demographic they’re struggling to convert (Students), or shoppers they want to give back to (Key Workers).

We work with brands across a range of verticals including HelloFresh, Farfetch, HP and MyProtein – driving more than $2 million in revenue each month.

How do you help advertisers add value?
There are 5 main areas we add value to our clients:

1- Drive sales from new customers: Brands can run promos to demographics they typically struggle to convert. A Facebook ad, website banner or google search result mentioning “Grab a Senior Discount here” resonates with this demographic a lot more than a standard offer – proven to increase CTR by 4x and attract a new audience.

2- Attract loyalty & generate social buzz: Gain a meaningful connection & long-term retention by giving back to those who deserve it most e.g. Key Workers. Shoppers return more frequently and share the offer with friends – we’re particularly proud about these tweets mentioning FARFETCH (

3 – Generate PR: Create positive PR campaigns around the groups you’re giving back to or the positive behavior you’re promoting to e.g. Give a discount to those who have donated to charity, ran 5k, Healthcare workers, Teachers, Firefighters.

4- Drive a surge in sales: Use tactics like ‘pulse discounts’ to key groups over short periods. Our brands tie offers with the marketing calendar (e.g. Teachers for National Teacher Day, Essential Workers for National Kindness Day), aligning a marketing promotion with someone’s identity resonates with shoppers and drives increased engagement.

5 – Gather insights: Gain a rich understanding of their customers by gathering zero party data. For the very first time, brands can enrich their CRM with new information about the shopper’s occupation, age, social reach + more about their shoppers. And deliver personalised experiences off the back of it

What are your plans for the future in Australia? 

Australia is a main market for us, alongside the US and UK. We’re investing heavily in making sure our verification groups are AU focused and will be working closely with brands to understand the groups they’d most like us to verify (we can spin up new groups in a matter of weeks).

We’re also releasing our Marketplace in Australia in January. This will be a hub for shoppers to start their shopping and discover the best closed-group discounts. This will enable us to start pushing traffic to a retailers website.

What is the top tip for Australian advertisers? 

My top tip would be to evaluate different publisher types in different ways. There’s an increasing number of software providers signing up to affiliate networks, for example, cart abandonment and overlay software and gocertify with closed-group verification tech. These publishers provide value outside of just “driving traffic” and value needs to be tested through other metrics like increased conversion rate, AOV, new customer rate + more.

Where do you think the affiliate landscape is heading in the next 12 months? 

Development in the affiliate industry has accelerated during COVID and I think there will be a shift in what publishers are valued most. Typically SEO-driven publishers like voucher code websites have dominated the space as they have the most traffic to drive to retailers. However, retailers are becoming increasingly savvy about the influence of these partners. There’s going to be an influx of new-era publishers like Klarna, ZIP and gocertify.

New-era publishers have 3 key differences, they have:

1. Loyal users of their platform. Shoppers will trust that these tools can help them during the shopper process (From product recommendations, discount discovery or payment options). This will mean shoppers start their shopping journey earlier on within new-era publishers – pre-visiting a retailers website.

2. Rich data. New-era publishers are data-first, they are collecting information about demographics & shopping habits. And personalising the content/deals shoppers see off the back of it. Increasing engagement and value to shoppers & retailers.

3. Tactical discounts. Offers will no longer need to be shown to everyone. They will be shown to the user depending on their previous purchases (across the internet), their age, occupation or completing activities (A bit like our latest Strava verification which looks to gamify getting a discount).

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