Project Management

Stay Motivated and Work Well from Home in 10 Easy Steps

Enrique Tensuan

26 Apr 2022

Working from home has its immediate appeals: no commute, no parking fees and full access to the comfort of your own home. Still, the benefits of a new work-at-home set-up can come with its own set of unique challenges. If you’re working at home, where does labour end and leisure begin? These ten tips will help better define that line while adding polish to both sides of it.

Time management begins with a good schedule

Setting a schedule might be a basic step, but taking it is essential lest you trip and scatter all your commitments in the process. Being a professional and being yourself need not be mutually exclusive, and scheduling up a good work calendar can prevent you from feeling unnecessary pressure. Making sure you meet your commitments and wrapping up those 60 minute meetings in 45 would work wonders for morale. Provide reasons to reward yourself, and you’ll rise up to accomplish even more in this work-at-home frontier.

Set boundaries to separate work from home

Knowing where to work and where to play used to be quite clear when you used to perform your job elsewhere, but doing both at home complicates this division somewhat. Establish one or two dedicated work zones so that your profession and your pleasantries don’t bleed into and distort one another. Respect these territories and these perimeters will sharpen your priorities within them. If you’re living with a friend, partner, or family, make sure to let them know where these boundaries are, the most convenient way they can communicate with you, and the times of the day where it’ll be okay to stop by for a chat and a snack.

Get in the zone and communicate efficiently

Remembering how disciplined and principled you were at the office can transfer this reliable mindset to your new work-at-home setting. Recall how you respected the goals you set for yourself and that sense of satisfaction you got when you met or even surpassed them. It’s good practice no matter the place. Regular communication with your remote, yet connected, colleagues is recommended to establish that classic, dependable sense of workplace community in this new normal.

Dress formally for meetings and comfortably for work

While working out of your pajamas might feel comfortable, it sometimes helps to separate the play area from the home office by dressing up. After all, we should dress just as nicely for our online meetings. But feel free to swap out your collared button-ups for t-shirts and those slacks for shorts between important video calls. It will help keep cool and comfortable as you tackle your career challenges. This is especially helpful if air-conditioning isn’t a strong point at home.

Elbows off the table and take pressure off those wrists

Keeping these off the table may seem like a good idea for both fancy meal etiquette and to free up space that you might need. However, this renders these crucial joints without any support, causing them to drag down the rest of your arms and even your shoulders into a quietly unpleasant and awkward slouch. Think about buying an attachable arm support for your table. They might seem a bit gimmicky, but they really work! 

Tables that are either too high or low can force your wrists to either awkwardly tilt downwards or dig into the edge of the table as you reach for your keyboard or mouse. Certain innovations in office furniture have motorized adjustable cubicle tables to achieve a worker’s ideal level. For the moment, a small strip of cushioning on your table’s edge or at the back end of your mousepad can assuage soreness, chafing, and possible harmful long-term effects from putting consistent, daily pressure on that part of your body.

Cushion your seats or stand to deliver 

The chairs you have at home are well-worn and suited to cradling you during moments of leisure, but they may be hard pressed to support your legs, rear, and spin when you’re more rigid with concentration as you’re working. To prevent potential squirming and avoidable back pain, consider purchasing or improvising an extra layer of cushioning to your work-at-home chair of choice. After all, you’ll be using it a bunch. Alternatively, if you’re primarily using a laptop or tablet, you can try setting up an alternate standing desk podium. Working while standing might not appear conventional, but it’s been found to improve posture, reduce back pain, and boost focus when you hit an impasse whilst sitting down.

Hydrate and snack to keep your stomach quiet and tongue happy

Something sweet, something sour, or just something cool or warm. Besides keeping your body fueled with just the right amount of calories, you’ll want to oblige the occasional need for a burst of flavor every now and then. A full canteen of your favorite beverage can also be a source of psychological assurance, an image of sustenance and plenty that only the weight of a full wallet can match. Plus, you can never go wrong with a cool splash of water when your throat gets parched.

Walk Breaks should be taken for a refreshing change of scenery

Despite all the little quality of life improvements the previous tips provided, sometimes, you just need to take a step back, get up, and stretch your legs a bit. Shake off a bit of that tension, stimulate your mind, and appreciate the surroundings made possible by your hard work with a few minutes of light exercise. If there aren’t any restrictions in your neighborhood, you may even want to take a step outside for a bit of extra sunshine.

Lie down for a moment

An alternate usage of your break time. While you could have conceivably walked around or left your place of business for a quick stroll back in ordinary times, the opportunity to lie back and nap on a couch or bed was never truly available to most. To truly stretch and recline can be both relaxing and refreshing. Perhaps you shouldn’t make it a habit, you might miss doing this too much if you return to regular office life, but as a delightful emergency measure for when you need a way to really reinvigorate your body that you can only get in a work from home setting, you can’t go wrong with a little lie down.