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The Big Three Problems Standing In The Way Of Real Growth

John Yanny & Stewart Marshall

27 Jul 2021

Every business we’ve ever worked with has always wanted to break away from the pack, but this  has never been more prevalent in business than now. As we outlined in our HX Formula, creating exceptional digital experiences has to  be the starting point for all organisations as they move forward this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up digital transformation for almost every organisation globally, as consumers were forced to change their behaviour, and as a result, the landscape is more competitive than ever before.  

In our HX formula, we differentiated what a truly exceptional digital experience really is, and how the internet and digital world has a history of spitting out those that fall short of the required standards. And, finally, we introduced you to the six pillars of the GoDigital HX Formula, that specifically tackle how to deliver an exceptional digital experience. (For those that are maybe reading this article first, we strongly recommend you take a look at our HX Formula here).

Now to the second phase of the HX Formula: the Big Three Problems. At GoDigital, believe that our six pillars and three big problems go hand in hand and are a starting point for all businesses large or small, looking to make bigger strides in their industry.

  1. The Insight Problem 

Really identifying what is an insight versus noise. In a world full of data, and in a world where it is increasingly easy to collect data – there is an abundance of numbers, figures, information that we are gathering everyday, but how do we know what is really, genuinely useful and what is not?

What is the diamond in the coal? What is the thing that fundamentally can inform a great decision around what might change consumer behaviour. Because, at the crux of it, that is the role of any marketing department in any business: to get consumers to start buying into your product/service. In this new era we’re in, in 2021 where there is an oversupply of noise (data), it’s never been more vital.

Knowing, not guessing what people really want, is more critical than ever and without this insight, you can’t overcome this problem. 

  1. The Attraction Problem

Once you know what people want, the next problem lies in how to attract them to your business. If you’re asking yourself: How do I get a certain consumer’s attention? Where do I say it that they will see it? What do I say? How do I say it? How do I encourage someone to choose our brand over someone else’s?

These are all attraction problems that brands will face in this new world. Just because your brand exists, it doesn’t mean people know you exist. And just because you know what might trigger someone’s behaviour to change, doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to actually tell that story in a compelling way to make them change.

Saying the right thing, at the right time, to the right people has become even more relevant. Overcoming this hurdle gets you past the attraction problem. 

  1. The Engagement Problem

The final challenge lies in what to do when you successfully bring someone into your brand. You’ll need to answer questions like: How do I make my brand or product more sticky? How do we get customers to repeat purchase? How do I make them loyal? And, beyond that, how do I turn loyal customers into raving fans to garner natural referral? At the core of the engagement problem is how to generate and create an experience that people seek out, and genuinely enjoy interacting with.

These three problems (usually in that order), need to be overcome for businesses to move into exceptional experience territory.

Our structure at GoDigital mirrors these Big Three Problems. Our insights department is made up of our strategy teams, research teams and data and analytics teams.

Our  attraction department is made up of affiliate, social and content, paid media and brand team.

Our engagement department is made up of our design, UI/UX functions, application development, marketing automation and our platform teams.

We work with our clients to help them find a sweet spot between their desired business outcomes and what humans really want because we are an HX agency.

By John Yanny and Stewart Marshall.

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