Curtin University – Travel Decisions

Conducting research to understand the factors influencing travel decisions post COVID-19


Curtin University was keen on understanding the factors that influence tourists travel decisions in a post pandemic era – to achieve this, they used GrowthOps’ in-house panel to speak to an audience of 300 Australians, all of whom travelled some time before the COVID-19 national lockdown i.e. December 2020.


The target audience was presented a 15-minute long survey consisting of detailed questions that helped Curtin University understand a variety of metrics, some of which include- The total spend / expenditure of their last holiday- Modes of transportation used to reach their destination- The number of people they travelled with- The factors that prompted them to choose their holiday destination (advertisements, reputation, etc).


GrowthOps was able to deliver the target audience to Curtin University’s survey within 7 days and allowed them draw meaningful insights from their research piece. With access to 100,000 survey panelists, the GrowthOps’ panel stands as one of the largest and the oldest in Australia, partnering with only the best panel partners to ensure clients receive the highest quality survey responses to ensure data reliability, so clients can confidently use their research data to drive growth.