Dreamscape Networks – Research

Using research to drive long-term strategy and growth for Aussie businesses


Dreamscape Networks is a trusted and affordable online solutions provider of domain names, hosting and technology solutions and owns Australia’s #1 domain brand Crazy Domains and Singapore’s #1 hosting provider Vodien Internet Solutions.

Crazy Domains remains the number one domain brand in Australia since June 2016, for helping businesses in generating a credible and unique web address for their website(s), as well as providing other services such as hosting, online marketing and security solutions, websites & apps, and email solutions.

Dreamscape has two major core objectives. To be the ultimate experts in online solutions for businesses, while also supporting different generations of business and entrepreneurs. In order to achieve and maintain this, they needed to create more expert knowledge through research into different aspects of the small business world.

Having already established positive relationships with marketers within the GrowthOps ecosystem, Research & Insights worked with Dreamscape Networks to help conduct the various levels of research required to generate a high-quality whitepaper piece enriched with thought leadership content, that would help businesses and entrepreneurs around Australia to drive strategy and growth in the long-run.


To help Dreamscape derive the most enriching thought leadership content, GrowthOps conducted a total of three research pieces, using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, as well as a range of different target audiences that complemented each other.

GrowthOps began by conducting qualitative research amongst 15 Australian small business owners across Australia. The main aim of this research was to understand current business owners perceptions around several metrics in the business world including the factors that inspired them to start their own business, limitations experienced during the beginning stages of starting a business, resources that they use to drive growth, and more insights that would have been difficult to capture through quantitative research. It was ensured that all 15 business owners were split into three focus groups, coming from different Australian states, age groups, and industries to guarantee a range of diverse and unique insights. All data collected through this research acted as the foundation to shape and mould the remainder of the quantitative research pieces.

Following the qualitative research, two online quantitative surveys were conducted. The first survey targeted 750 business owners across Australia, to further understand their take on the importance of an online presence, online security, the impact of COVID-19 and many other important insights. The second survey targeted 1000 general Australian consumers who were able to provide useful information around their online behaviour, perceptions around domain names, website names, and other useful metrics.


Following the completion of all three research pieces, GrowthOps was able to perform in-depth analysis of the data collected using their advanced research functions and tools, and was able to generate three different research pieces and two presentations, all offering unique insight and thought leadership content around how the data collected were able to complement each other.

GrowthOps has also successfully been able to provide a range of different additional analyses and material to Dreamscape that’s helped them in better shaping the strategic direction of their whitepaper piece, which was ultimately focusing on generational nuances across businesses in Australia.

Having generated thought leadership content that provides a unique insight into the Australian entrepreneurial ecosystem, Dreamscape was able to generate an in-depth whitepaper piece that is now publicly available for Australian businesses to refer to, to help them shape their future strategy. Through media coverage, the whitepaper piece has also been featured amongst two articles in The Australian, and through the unique talent of SEO marketers in GrowthOps, activities are continually being carried out to promote wider coverage of this major thought leadership piece, which have gained media coverage and have got a higher number of young entrepreneurs onto Dreamscape’s customer base.