Dreamscape Networks

Building visibility in a challenging vertical


We were challenged to regain search engine visibility share from their global competitor Go Daddy, and help launch a new product into Asian markets in order to grow revenue.

Dreamscape Networks is the owner of one of Australia’s leading domain registrars, Crazy Domains. Its product category is arguably one of the most competitive verticals in search in a mature digital marketplace.

Dreamscape looked to us to help protect its core business in its key market in Australia, while focusing on growth in New Zealand and the Philippines through its new product, Sitebeat, an online website builder platform.

Although they are the market leaders in Australia, the stagnant demand for domain names and hosting services, in combination with the entrance of global giants such as Go Daddy who utilised an aggressive penetration strategy, meant that with limited budgets, Crazy Domains had to act smarter with their SEO strategy and investment.

Through smart technical analysis, blended with cunning creative execution, GrowthOps was able to deliver consistent and strong growth for Dreamscape.
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In order to develop and launch a strategy that would deliver growth, we knew we had to go above and beyond. Embedding ourselves into the Dreamscape teams, we regularly worked from their offices to connect with their internal teams.

Our first step was to undertake a 200 point technical audit, identifying high impact changes that would move the needle for SEO performance in this competitive space. Our documented findings were then implemented by Dreamscapes technical teams, with consulting support from our specialists.

We then established razor sharp keyword targeting, identifying the terms that would have the biggest impact. Combined with page title and description optimisation focused on creating engaging copy that pulled users into the site, whilst also including critical targeting elements.

The final step was a comprehensive off site analysis, link building and social promotion strategy. We identified that we had to position Dreamscape’s Sitebeat product as the small, quirky, newcomer. We came up with the tagline ‘beat the ordinary’, dreamed up 12 fictional products and services, complete with individual websites, and created almost 200 assets, including banner ads, social posts, videos, audio ads and example websites. We published these across the web, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Programmatic Display, each designed to make our audience stop, stare and share.


Our connected strategy helped grow search visibility and deliver increased revenue for Dreamscape across the APAC region.

Key to our approach was measurement. By tracking keywords closely we were able to monitor and refine our strategic approach, ultimately ensuring that all critical keyword terms were ranking within the 1-3 top positions.

We increased search share from 13% to 28% driving 10% growth in search traffic YoY, 7% growth in revenue YoY and a 21% lift in search revenue overall.


True Visibility Improvement


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