Everybody Has A Role: Queensland Government

How creative video and innovative theatre helped remind Queenslanders that Everybody has a role to play.


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Recognising we were not experts in disability, we collaborated with an inclusive theatre group – Indelibility Arts – to co-produce and film three theatre performances.

The Idea

These performances, part of a social marketing campaign and supporting website, highlighted the challenges facing Queenslanders living with a disability. They demonstrated in a creative and entertaining way, just how valuable Queenslanders with disability are to the cultural, artistic and recreational activities of our community.


Facebook views, and 685 Facebook shares.


Unique website visits.


Candid, fun and emotive; the campaign and its stars exceeded all expectations.


Launched by the Minister for Disability Services at Queensland Parliament House, the videos were viewed 350,000+ times on Facebook, 685 Facebook shares and the series attracted 30,000+ visitors to the campaign website.

Candid, fun, emotive; the campaign (and its stars) exceeded expectations, quashing misconceptions and encouraging Queenslanders to engage with disability in a new way. This campaign also received 14 BADC Awards including GOLD and the coveted Client of the Year