Harvey Norman

Exploring avenues of growth for a market leader

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We were tasked with enhancing the Harvey Norman online visibility, while their position as online retail market leaders is being threatened by increased competition.

Harvey Norman is a large Australian-based, multinational retailer of furniture, bedding, computers, communications and consumer electrical products. It mainly operates as a franchise, with the main brand and all company-operated stores owned by Harvey Norman Holdings Limited. This operating model creates a challenging environment to optimise for online visibility, that involves navigating the needs of multiple internal stakeholder teams.

The challenge lies in finding new avenues for growth in organic search, in the face of increased competitive activity in the market. The website itself has a near infinite number of pages, further complicating what in other situations would have been a straightforward task.

The GrowthOps SEO team worked with the brand team, client side copywriters, the website team and the web development team to come up with a comprehensive approach.
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The SEO strategy focused on deep, ongoing technical analysis, complete copy overhaul in some instances and high quality backlink acquisition to deliver a concentrated effort where the end result is greater than the sum of its parts.

The discovery phase was crucial in detecting the areas for improvements that stood out the most. A mix of quick wins and medium term projects allowed us to stabilise traffic and remove the obvious conversion blockers.

SEO Strategy was complimented by a Content GAP Analysis, a Link Building Audit, a local search review and a Google Analytics deep dive. The GrowthOps approach aimed to then provide incremental increases in each area to fight back the competition on a category level.

Comprehensive Semantic Research allowed us to clearly define the our where to play area, a document which then supported ongoing alterations as new categories and products made their way to the website. Large scale Meta Tag Optimisation followed, both in great manual detail, as well as setting up efficient automated rules for generating tags for new pages.

GrowthOps Technical SEO expertise enabled the tech team to better leverage their tech stack for better SEO outcomes. Some breakthroughs were made which had a disproportionately large impact on traffic quality and online footprint. This alone changed the game and allowed Harvey Norman to dominate certain categories, while leveraging the great size of their online catalogue.
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A three pronged approach to SEO delivered superb revenue growth, while future proofing website performance.

Continuous monitoring, analysis and actionable insights completed the feedback loop that lead to progressive improvements. Strong organic revenue increases could be observed at 20% YoY growth.

With active optimisation custom tailored to core pages we have seen the number of keywords in first rank increase by 51%, keywords in top 5 increase by 25%, and keywords on first page increased by 10%.

Pre-conversion metrics like organic impressions and organic click through rate also increased by 16% and 23% respectively, introducing more users in the funnel without altering the consumer pool in any way.


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