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With 1000 locations in 21 countries, Orangetheory Fitness is one of the fastest growing global fitness franchises.

Still new to Australia and entering a mature market with established fitness competitors, Orangetheory Fitness was faced with the challenge of communicating its unique scientifically proven, results tracked workout with a new audience.

We were tasked with driving lead generation activity for key studios in ACT and Victoria, with each studio having vastly different target and conversion audiences. This meant significant test and learn was necessary to identify what ticked the boxes and generated the best results for each studio.

Acquiring strong leads, reducing cost per lead and cost per conversion were the main success points for the client.
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We employed full funnel marketing with a process of prospecting and retargeting users, in order to nurture them at each stage of the customer lifecycle. At the prospecting stage we were focused on educating potential customers about the who, what and where of Orangetheory Fitness and its unique offering, and would do so with informative copy, as well as video ads that showcased the studios, coaches and workout style.

We created audiences based on fitness interests and distance from studios. We also created lookalike audiences based on past engagements, leads and conversion data. From there, retargeting was employed to target people who were at the stage of awareness and encourage them to convert with the incentive of an offer such as a free class or no joining fee.

Our retargeting audiences were based off past digital behaviours and utilised to make sure there were no missed opportunities for lead conversion. For instance, if a user interacted with our prospecting ads, we would retarget them with a conversion ad, or if a user didn’t sign up to our web form, they would be served an in-stream Facebook lead generation form, and vice versa.

Constantly adapting, updating and optimising our ads in real time based on our own insights into performance, combined with close collaboration with the client into the insights they learnt from their current members helped us drive a lower cost per lead and ultimately, a lower cost per conversion. Ad spend wastage was also prevented with the use of exclusion audiences to ensure that previous leads and convertors were not retargeted with the same ads.


We significantly ramped up Orangetheory’s income of social leads, and as a result reduced their cost per lead. Within six months of turning on activity for the three Victorian Studios, we saw a significant drop in the cost per lead of the previous agency, with over 1,500 leads generated.

The three Victorian Studios were generating 45% of the national leads, out of a total of 17 studios, with Melbourne CBD contributing the most leads of any of the seveb studios.

Following these results, we were asked to commence activity for OTF Gungahlin and Tuggeranong, the two ACT Studios and within two months, we saw an 86% improvement in cost per lead. Gungahlin specifically was commended for having the highest lead conversion rate in the country.

The influx of leads generated from social activity was so high that we were asked to reduce ad spend so that the studios could keep up!


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