Conducting research to measure the existing reach of the brand


Founded in 2012, Remedy Kombucha has grown to become Australia’s biggest and most well-known kombucha brand, offering kombuchas and other categories of beverage, such as switchel, kefir, and tepache. Remedy pride themselves for offering the tastiest and healthiest drinks that are natural, contains live cultures, organic acids, antioxidants, and no sugar.

Remedy’s main challenge was that they wanted to get more information about the number of Australians who were aware of the Remedy brand and were keen on conducting a research study that measured this, as well as:

-Brand awareness, familiarity and experience
-Affinity with the brand including relevance and loyalty
-Advocacy – are people talking about Remedy?
-Target market understanding of the brand
-Understanding the correlation between parent and sub brands
-Brand perceptions of both hard and soft attributes
-Performance of advertising campaigns

GrowthOps was thus commissioned by Remedy Kombucha to design a research study that could measure all of these aspects to help build the brand.


To achieve all of Remedy’s key objectives and provide them with crucial information, GrowthOps designed and scripted a 12 minute online quantitative survey. This survey was delivered to 1200 Australians, of which 1000 were regular non kombucha drinkers and 200 were kombucha drinkers. To promote data quality, reliability and reduce bias, it was ensured that each wave of research was weighted to represent the age groups of the Australian population. In addition, respondents were not made aware that the research was commissioned specifically by Remedy Kombucha.

The first brand tracking research was intended to provide a benchmark for Remedy before their summer marketing activities ramped up.

The waves that followed were conducted with the aim to see an upward trend in Remedy brand awareness, as well as tracking changes in other aspects such as advocacy, preference and perceptions. The efficacy of Remedy’s advertising campaigns were also measured,, where GrowthOps advanced survey functions enabled the ability to show prompted and unprompted versions of the Remedy advertisements and ask participants a range of questions including whether they’ve seen the ads, when they saw the ads, and what they think of the ads.

In addition to brand tracking research, the data from the study was used to develop customer segments, identifying both current kombucha drinker segments and potential target segments, to help Remedy in better shaping their overarching strategies in the long run.


With our advanced research functions and tools, GrowthOps was able to perform in-depth analysis of the data collected per wave, and provide Remedy with a detailed research report and presentation, highlighting the key findings as well as a collection of the in-depth results collected and analysed through the research as well.

GrowthOps has also successfully been able to provide additional analysis and material to Remedy that’s helped them in better shaping their marketing strategies, as well as different strategies implemented by their board.

Following the initial benchmark study, three other waves of studies have already been conducted, the latest pool of research having been conducted in November 2020. As each wave passes, certain survey questions have been altered to promote ease of understanding amongst participants, and extra questions have also been added to help Remedy access other insights that would help in facilitating decision making. Examples include asking those people identified as high potential future Kombucha drinkers the places they often visit, so that Remedy could target their advertising campaigns more efficiently.