Promoting user-friendliness and easy navigation on the company website


With over 300 stores across Australia alone, Specsavers operates as one of the leading eyewear suppliers in the country, offering a range of products including eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids, as well as providing services such as eye testing and audiology services. One of the key overarching objectives for Specsavers (amongst many others) is to provide 100% transparency to their customers in their purchasing journey, and ensure each customer receives a seamless experience from start to finish.

Specsavers Audiology identified that they needed to improve the current layout of their website’s pricing table pages, so that users can easily understand and navigate through the hearing aid products and prices available to them, using both the mobile and the desktop versions of the website. Previously it was thought that some users were not an ideal experience on mobile devices and thus a new mock version was created in the hopes that it could replace the current version. However, it remained to be seen whether this mock version would be as user friendly and easy to understand as the previous versions.

Having already established positive relationships with affiliate marketers and strategists within the GrowthOps ecosystem, Research & Insights were asked to work with Specsavers Audiology to provide recommendations on how they could promote user-friendliness and ease of navigation on their website, specifically the pricing tables.


Specsavers Audiology provided three samples of pricing tables that they wanted Australian consumers to test on their website, to determine the most preferred and user friendly pricing table.

Through quantitative research, GrowthOps was able to design and script a 10 minute online survey to 300 Australians aged 50 years and above. To promote data quality and reliability, it was ensured that an equal number of survey participants were able to access the mobile version of the Specsavers website, as well as the desktop version of the website. It was also ensured that the sample consisted of a national representation of state, gender, and age groups across Australia.

Within the survey, participants were asked to open up all three audiology pricing tables, navigate and play around with them, and then provide feedback on their ease of navigation and understanding of each pricing table before ranking their most preferred table.

To gather deeper insights, our advanced Heatmap function was used to ask participants to click on the areas in the pricing tables that they felt were the most important, and also the least important. They were then asked why they felt this way, to be able to provide Specsavers with a full-fledged understanding of audience behaviour, insight, and expectations.


With our advanced research functions and tools, GrowthOps was able to perform in-depth analysis of the data collected, and provide Specsavers with a detailed research report highlighting the key findings, as well as a collection of the in-depth results collected and analysed through the research as well. Specsavers were provided with a clear understanding of which of the three designs were easiest to use, easiest to understand and for each of the designs, what were the strengths and areas for improvement.

Following the presentation and recommendation of this research, Specsavers will enhance their desktop and mobile versions of the pricing table on their website to promote greater satisfaction and understanding within current and potential Specsavers audiology customers that visit their website.