Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Targeted and accurate data is crucial to ensuring effective marketing decisions are made. Without accuracy, every business will fail. At GrowthOps, we let the data guide us to providing our clients with the best solutions. Our analytics tools are used for measurement, reporting and wide research that spans a variety of business units.


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Google Analytics Implementation

Our team of data and analytics professionals can deploy  the organisation chosen technology, built on  our own best practice guidelines and customised to address the requirements defined  within the analytics  framework of your choice.  We configure, test  and launch the selected tools while working alongside in-house resources, or  on a full service basis.


Google Tag Manager Audits

Google Tag Manager is a tool with a user-friendly, web-based interface that simplifies the process of working with tags. With GTM, you’re able to add, edit, and disable tags without having to touch the source code. Yet legacy issues, tech platform limitations and shifting company priorities can negatively impact the accuracy of the data collected. GrowthOps can help with that by performing end to end data and analytics platform audits. We highlight tracking issues, data collection errors, evaluate goals, event tracking, communication with the data layer and every entry in Google Tag Manager, or the data container of your choice.


Custom Reporting Dashboards

The GrowthOps data and analytics team can leverage advanced data visualisation techniques to make sure that your brand can access its data on demand and in real time. To this end we create custom data dashboards which can be used for digital marketing monthly reporting, coupled with insights and next steps. We have had extensive experience working with large data sets, unifying multiple data streams and automating the process as much as possible. This can involve our specialists working alongside  client teams on a daily  basis or  helping to set up data visualisation tools which enable marketers to conduct the  insight work themselves.


Data & Analytics Deep Dives

In the attention economy, information is power. With the correct data captured, we focus on translating this treasure trove of customer data via powerful insight and analysis. Our clients would often sit on large volumes of data, without the resources to accurately and reliably unlock its potential. Whether we are talking about Google Analytics, internal databases or other data sources, we can help by taking business goals and mining client data into actionable outcomes.

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Data & Analytics