Experience Design

Experience Design

Experience Design

Our team are a highly skilled group of human centred design evangelists. We create successful experiences by understanding how humans interact with technology so we can empathise with their pain points and desired outcomes.

We use a mix of research techniques because humans usually aren’t the best at saying what they really mean, so observing their behaviour is incredibly valuable.

Our customer centric process uncovers insights that highlight potential challenges and opportunities. This allows us to design and develop strategic solutions that get validated by the people we are designing for.

Experience Design


Customer Experience (CX)

We help organisations review, refine and improve their customer experience to align with and exceed customer expectations. Assessing the customer journey, key touchpoints and customer interactions enables us to highlight opportunities for improvement. We then validate solutions with customers. Customer Experience strategy is an ongoing process – we provide guidance on implementing a continuous improvement approach focusing on testing solutions, scaling successful tests and repeating this process.


Information architecture (IA)

Good information architecture enables intuitive navigation. Our aim is to present content in a way that meets user needs and the desired business outcomes. Delivering information architecture solutions that make digital products, websites and applications easy to use, with content that resonates, will go a long way on delivering improved engagement and conversion rates.


User Experience Design (UX)

Carefully crafted digital experiences for people. UX design is the culmination of research, content, design and strategy. The goal is to generate positive sentiment from people who interact with online assets, products or services. We are committed to creating design solutions that are created with the customer in mind. It starts with studying who the customers are, what they need and using those insights to provide products and services that improve the quality of people’s lives. Design thinking is validated through real customer feedback and iterated on to ensure the final product will work well for those that will be using it.


User Interface Design (UI)

Our approach to UI design is to deliver a consistent and scalable design system. We identify the required design patterns and establish the required components to create a considered design system. The UI components can be used as building blocks which enable consistency, a shared design language for internal and external teams to follow plus efficiencies on evolving the user interface over time.

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Experience Design