Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation team uses software platforms and technologies to more effectively communicate via multiple channels such as email, social media, app push and more to automate marketing and notifications.

Testing has proven emails and SMS with personalised messages result in better engagement rates (open and click through). However, here at GrowthOps we will go beyond just using your subscribers name in the subject line and utilise other behavioural data to drive and deliver relevant messages.

Adding company name, last purchase, or other information helps you to personalise the message in the correct way for each subscriber. With an advanced marketing automation tool, you can also predict what type of messages your customers are likely to receive or engage so you can decide what content to send to them.


Sent every month across enterprise level through to self service clients.


Sent each month delivering both marketing/advertising and time critical notifications.

Marketing Automation


Integrated Marketing & Comms

Leveraging platform partner relationships, we also have our own internal proprietary platforms depending on clients requirements. This allows us to provide client facing user interfaces to manage campaigns and communications or to integrate with clients software and CRMs via APIs and connectors.


SMS Marketing & Comms

98% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of receiving them. SMS is the perfect way to drive meaningful promotions and sales, cutting through a lot of the clutter that other forms of direct marketing can create. Messaging for a variety of reminders including appointments, bill/invoice payments and payment reminders connecting directly through to payment gateways are a sure way to keep clients and customers up to date.


Third Party Software

Having extensive API’s available, we can integrate various different platforms through to our proprietary gateway or client facing UI. We have various connectors in place with many software partners including across the beauty salon and medical industries.


Leading User Interface

Our user interfaces are powerful in delivery yet simple in design. They are very intuitive and easy to understand with the ability to communicate to large volumes of your database with simple clicks of a button.


Compliance With Regulation

All of our platforms natively comply with regulatory requirements of the Anti-Spam Act 2003 in Australia through to GDPR requirements across Europe and much of the globe.

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Marketing Automation