Organic Search (SEO)

Organic Search (SEO)

Organic Search (SEO)

SEO is often overlooked as being a critical part of a marketing mix. It’s as crucial to a strong digital presence as any. At GrowthOps Digital, we combine technical analysis, content creation and competitor analysis to ensure our clients websites are reaching their potential.

Our team of experts come from varied professional backgrounds in either data and analytics or content production. We believe this diverse range of skill sets is crucial to any high performing SEO team and is a key component of the organic search offering here at GrowthOps Digital.

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Keyword Research

Research the best keywords to use with website content for each page, along with other keyword themes that are important within the vertical but are not present on the website at this time. Keyword categorisation, monthly search volumes and trends will be provided. This very important piece of preliminary research can then be used for meta tag optimisation and any future copywriting efforts.


Meta Tag Optimisation

Optimised and unique meta data is a basic but essential component of every SEO campaign. Page titles are an extremely important ranking element and should be optimised to include target keywords and created to maximise click through rate. Meta descriptions should be created with a call to action in order to entice users to click through to each brand site. We intend to optimise the 5 existing pages and 10 new articles.


Content GAP Analysis

A research piece where we identify the main areas for improvement when it comes to the website content. The GrowthOps SEO team will evaluate existing content quality, quantity and competitor tactics to provide the best way forward for the brand, in terms of content creation and optimisation. Output will be presented in PowerPoint, as a collection of content themes to explore, optimisation quick wins and potential avenues for innovation. The key output of this piece of work is the creation of a content calendar to make sure we successfully play in the same key areas as our competition.


SEO Content Creation

Enhance the copy on the most prominent pages, from category pages to product pages and more. We aim to optimise copy for online purposes. It is customary to add unique primary and secondary keywords to each page with a certain frequency to ensure that content works not only for your target audience but also to increase relevance and visibility in Google.


Technical SEO Audit

A fine-tuned approach to an ever-changing area. The SEO team will evaluate important site wide technical SEO factors to make sure the website is compliant from a technical perspective. The audit identifies quick wins that would have the biggest impact for the lowest effort. This includes updating meta title and description tags directly to the website, create and change ALT tags, assess the viability of replacing the robots.txt and sitemap.xml files and deal with indexing issues, checking canonical tags, breadcrumbs, information architecture, indexing issues and more. 


SEO Reporting

GrowthOps will set up rank tracking projects for all keywords from the keyword research, to be monitored and updated as required. Monthly reports will be produced, along with a dashboard for real time data access.


Youtube Video Optimisation

Optimise tags, the description and outbound linking on the most important videos on the brand Youtube channel, for incremental visibility changes over time. The GrowthOps team will match each video with the most relevant search terms  on Youtube for a net increase in findability.


Local SEO

Google My Business is a premium source of local authority and lends itself as a medium to talk about local stores, offices and other company locations. The amount of impressions that local listings generate in Google Maps is simply staggering and your brand would benefit from taking ownership of these listings, optimising each entry and keeping information up to date. GrowthOsp can assist all the way and manage the process on your behalf.


SEO Strategy

Developing content is the foundation of any strong organic search strategy. We strive to enhance the quality and targeted nature of each piece of content on each webpage.


Link Building

Strategy and tactics aimed to increase the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the organic search engine rankings and results of that particular webpage.

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